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Rules of Engagement


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Rules Of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement

Inappropriate use of the {ubb} tag:
Using the {ubb} tag if you are not a member of the {ubb} will result in an immediate ban - any other use of the {ubb} tag that is considered ‘inappropriate’ such as impersonating members is also considered a breach of this rule. Upon being banned, your information may be forwarded to clans that we participate with so they may also place you on their banned list.

Anyone recruiting or advertising on the {ubb} servers, website, or TS server will be banned immediately. Recruiting is the act of recruiting other players to join your clan/server. Advertising can be many different things such as advertising another server by sending the connection information to other players, or using a web address/server address as your player name.

Team Killing / Team Damaging:
TKing & TDing will not be tolerated on the {ubb} servers, if you are caught doing either of these intentionally you will be banned. If you do accidentally TK or TD, it is considered polite for you to apologise for doing so.

Spawn Killing:
Spawn killing is the act of killing a player within approximately 2 seconds of them spawning, however this is subject to admin discretion. If the player has shot at, or attacked you first - then you are allowed to retaliate without breaching this rule. Spawn Killing will result in the offender being kicked or banned at the admins discretion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Spawn Camping:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Spawn Camping is an act we all at {ubb} will not be tolerated spawn camping can be from staying in a spawn area in the hope you will not be shot at backing off from a spawn so people cant see you when they spawn and you shoot the player in the back and sitting in a place where you are watching spawning players the 2 second rules doesnt count if you have tracked a player from a spawn point from a place where you have seem then spawn and you are camping

Type Killing:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Type killing is shooting a player that is currently sending a message in game they will be seem with a light bulb above there heads this is to be avoided where you can if you are seen to be doing this you will be asked to stop it is considered polite for you to apologise if you have done so continueing to do so will result in the offender being kicked from the server or banned at the admins discretion

The use of cheats or hacks will result in the immediate banning of the offender. Cheating is the use of anything that is not already built into the game, or exploiting glitches/imperfections within the game. It may also include hacks or drivers which can be used to give the player an unfair advantage over other players.

Inappropriate language:
Any person using offensive language will be warned to cease doing so, however if they continue to do so, they may be kicked or banned based on admin discretion. We consider cursing, and harassing other players to be offensive language. This also includes calling other players “noobs” and other such derogatory terms.

Spamming & non-game discussions:
Spamming with text, text marquees, or voice messages will not be tolerated. They are allowed to be used, however may not be abused. If you are asked to stop spamming and continue, then you may be kicked or banned for your actions, the resulting punishment is down to admin discretion.

Bans and Warnings by the Console:
The in-game console sends out automated warnings at regular intervals, and these are settings to enforce the {ubb} rules. The warnings are not to be ignored. Being banned by the {ubb} console is the same as being banned by an admin. Whether an admin is online or not, the server rules must be followed at all times.

Team Play:
Team Play is the act of playing co-operatively with other players on a server where it is not a part of the game mode. The Team Play rule applies to the free-for-all game mode, for example. If any player is caught team playing, they will be kicked or banned at the admins discretion. This rule applies to members and non-members alike.


Clays @ or Near Spawns:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Players are not allowed to place a claymore's at a spawn point that gives no spawning player no where no move this mean " not to place a clay faceing a spawn point" if it is faceing away from you and you can move around the clay or shoot it without you dieing the clay is not agaist the rules. this rule applies to members and non-members alike 

Admin Discretion:
All {ubb} admins are people, and will try to make the best decision at the time based on the knowledge they have. If you are asked or warned by an admin enforcing server rules - please follow what they say. If, however you disagree with what they are saying, then please do not argue with the admin - as it is not the time or place for arguments. Send these grievances in e-mail form to “ubbservers@yahoo.com”.

All of the aforementioned rules apply to all players, whether they are members or not. There are no exceptions. Each offender will be dealt with in a manner that is fair for every player on the server. If your actions cause for a shared computer or IP to be banned, this is not a {ubb} problem and no considerations will be made for such situations. In such situations, it is up to you to think of those you share resources with. If you find yourself banned, and you believe it was done in an unfair or inappropriate manner - please e-mail your grievance to “ubbservers@yahoo.com”. A {ubb} admin member will try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible after hearing your case. Please do not take it upon yourself to discuss this in the TeamSpeak server - if a voice discussion is needed, it will be opened by a {ubb} admin when needed.  

If you are banned for accidentally Team-Killing or Spawn-Killing, then you will need to file a grievance with an admin. Whilst we do understand that accidents happen, we will not allow players to abuse this. If you continually request to be unbanned, then an admin may decide to leave your ban in place for some time before allowing you to play again. This ban may last anywhere between 1 week to a few months, and may even lead to a permanent ban. The decision for this is at the discretion of the admin.

The most important rule of all... Have fun!
Thank you for reading these rules. If everyone played fairly and treated others with respect then we would have no need for any of these rules. These rules are in place to provide a fair and enjoyable place to play, and we would like all of our {ubb} members and guests to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

{ubb} Rules

1. {ubb} Membership
All members of the United Band of Brothers must:
1. Not play without {ubb} tags, or play with the tags of another clan or gaming community
*The only exception to the above rule is admins so they are able to monitor players etc.*
1. Not impersonate other members
2. Not distribute administration passwords through unsecure networks (e.g. yahoo/xfire).
3. Contact a council member if there is an issue between members which cannot be resolved together.
4. Not distribute private/personal information (this includes members & visitor IPs).

2. General Post Content
1. At no point in time is it permitted for a member to post messages that:
1. Are knowingly false, defamatory, or libellous toward any person (that is, designed to destroy the reputation of that person)
1. Are discriminatory toward any person or persons, because of their race, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, age and/or mental capacity, but not limited to these items.
2. Are abusive, harassing, or threatening to the wellbeing of any individual, affecting that individual's ability to enjoy the use of this forum due to such actions.
3. Are invasive of any individual's privacy - for example publishing another member's Name, Address or other contact details without their permission.
4. Contain profanity.
5. Contravenes any other laws, even if the message is not covered by the previous four statements.

1. It is not permitted for racist, pornographic or other objectionable topics to be linked to, or discussed on the forum. Motorsport appeals to like minded people of all races, religions, genders and ages. In the age where people readily have access to the internet at increasingly young ages, it has been decided that this forum will be 'family safe', and will be open to members of all ages.

1. Be careful not to breach copyright laws when posting images or quoting from sources, be they online or scanned from a physical publication. When part of an article is quoted, be sure to credit the source of the article. It is NOT permitted to copy and paste, or through other means reproduce an article in its entirety on the forums. If a whole article is relevant to the debate at hand, use of a hyperlink to the article is appropriate.

1. Claiming someone else's work as your own, without referencing appropriate sources, is considered plagiarism. This practice has a high possibility of breaching copyright, and is in general frowned upon by most if not all academic communities across the globe.

3. Other Illegal Activities
1. It is not permitted to distribute illegal material through the {ubb} forums - including but not limited to pirated software and video material. While you may know of sites and other places that distribute such material, do not post the URLs (hyperlinks) to those sites on the forums.

1. It is not permitted to distribute instructions explicitly intended to aid other people to break the law.

1. It is not permitted to possess multiple accounts simultaneously. You may email the Chief-engineer at “badboy@ubbclan.net” if you are having technical problems. Please contact the system administrator if this happens so that your original account can be reset to a usable state, and your second account disabled.

1. If, due to a large or repeated breach of the rules, your membership is blocked from this website - it is not permitted for you to create another account in order to gain access to the forum, nor is it permitted to attempt to deface the site in any way, nor is it allowed to attempt to gain access to an account that is not your own. The IP address of all members is logged by the system, and is accessible by the administrative staff, and the moderating staff ("{ubb}Council"). Failure to follow this rule will result not only in your IP address being blocked by the Webmaster or the {ubb{Council, but your IP address being given to your Internet Service Provider ("ISP") - which may possibly result in legal proceedings against you.

4. General Forum Behaviour
1. It is not permitted to use the forum to advertise your own personal business or website, unless with the explicit permission of the site owner.

1. Please note that English may not be the native language of all the members of this forum. While some "netspeak" will quite obviously creep into messages posted on the board due to its common usage on the internet and Mobile Telephony, please try and keep it to a minimum. It isn't acceptable, nor very polite, to type in a manner that is unintelligible to a large number of members because you think it's "1337" (hacker speak for "leet" or "elite").

1. If foreign language material is quoted, please be sure to provide a translation, or a link to the translation (Google translate tool).

1. There is a minimum level of respect required if you intend to post at {ubb}Forum, namecalling or being deliberately provocative is not permitted. As a general rule of thumb, do not post something on the forum directed toward any member that you would not be happy repeating in front of that member in person, next to a police officer. Essentially, do not treat others in a way that you would not like to be treated yourself.

1. It is not permissible to attack another member. As they say in football (Soccer), play the ball, not the man. Attack a post in debate by all means, but never a member. If you believe that you have been attacked yourself, do not retaliate in kind, but report the post to the {ubb} staff through Private Message (PM) or through the functionality provided by the Forum software. All attacks on other members will be dealt with equally, regardless of provocation. Put simply: rudeness will not be tolerated in any form, for any reason.

1. If you are linking to a large picture (in physical pixel size, or bytesize), please post a hyperlink to the file rather than the file itself (See the next post on how to post pictures). It is quite likely that not all members have high-speed broadband connections, or have connections with strict download quotas. Please realise that your actions may have adverse consequences to those less fortunate than yourself if you do have a high-speed connection.

1. If you are linking to multiple pictures from the same source (unless said source is owned by yourself), please use hyperlinks to the pictures rather than posting the pictures directly on the forum. Webmasters generally do not like people "leeching" from their servers excessively, especially if said server is put under load by the process.

1. The forum is separated into various subforums. Please try to post your responses in the appropriate threads/forums to avoid confusion. Also, many questions have been asked before - and you might find that your answer has been previously provided if you use the search facility. Using the Search facility also provides you with answers from members no longer on the site, or members who may not see your question.

1. Private messages are just that, private. Do not post private messages on the forum, if you have a problem forward the message to the Webmasters or Moderators, do not air your dirty laundry on the forum.

5. Forum Moderation
1. {ubb}clan has the {ubb}Council, and the Webteam selected by the members themselves. Their purpose is to make sure that the forum runs smoothly, and without incident. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the decision made by any of the moderators, please do not hesitate to contact the {ubb}Staff and we will endeavor to explain the situation, if that is appropriate.

1. If you are unhappy in general with one or more of the moderators, the forum administrators (and site owners) can be also contacted via Private Message. The decision of the forum administrators is, quite obviously, final.

1. In general, a minor breach of the rules will result in non-official warning being given via PM. A larger breach of the rules will result in an official warning. Any repeated breach of the rules, or a major/very large breach of the rules will result in a temporary, or possibly a permanent ban from the forums, depending on the severity of the breach.

6. General Notes
The {ubb} Forums provide a relaxing online portal for members to communicate with like-minded people across the globe. If you find yourself becoming agitated due to activities on the forum, or posting to see if you provoked an outburst from the population on the forums, this isn't the place for you. Just like pubs, bars and clubs around the world, you will be welcomed with open arms should you behave appropriately. The {ubb} STAFF hope you enjoy your stay on the site, and will be happy to answer any questions about these rules posted in the appropriate forum or via PM

These rules can change without any notice.

Copyright © by {ubb} United Band of Brothers All Right Reserved.

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